Department of Veteran Affairs

Building 1 New Front Entrance

Patient and pedestrian access to main lobby

Project Location:
Saginaw, MI

New Construction of Front Entrance and Lobby, Aleda E. Lutz Medical Center, Saginaw, MI

This Department of Veterans Affairs project involved site preparation and construction of a new 3,000 square foot front entrance and lobby. This new entrance is a focal point of the campus and is the primary entry into the hospitals main building. The ground up venture included; selective demolition, site work, cast in place concrete, structural steel, masonry, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, fire suppression, HVAC, communications, new elevator, security systems, utilities, roofing, finishes and landscaping. The improved building access allows for unimpeded entree, and a seamless transition from grade into the hospital’s lobby.


  • Demolition of the existing building foundations were a project requirement. Careful and continues monitoring of the existing structures that were to remain was required to insure that this demolition effort was performed without damage to the prevailing building wall systems.
  • During excavation efforts, an existing duct bank was found to be in the footprint of the new foundation. Working with the client and architect, a new foundation design was established to protect the utility and allow for construction to continue.
  • RB Construction Company offered an alternative hydro, hi efficiency, elevator unit that was an upgrade to the design at no additional cost to the client.