Eastern Cold Storage
1532 Adelaide
Historic Eastern Market
Detroit, MI

Various Buildings

Building Use and Facts:
Commericial Storage Meat Products

Various Work Items:
Roof systems replacement, new steel delivery dock conversion, new insulated drop ceilings, new masonry, facade restoration, new roll up door.

Historic Eastern Market, Various Buildings; Roofing Replacement, Structural Repairs, Renovation and Facade Restoration, Detroit, Michigan

RB Construction worked in collaboration with the owner to perform various design/build improvements to their existing properties. With a series of buildings built in the late 1800’s, it was time to restore, renovate and improve the facilities making them more functional and efficient. Being a cold storage facility, the buildings are essentially multi-story freezers that demand not only structural integrity but also a properly repaired building envelope that seals out the elements and keeps the cold air inside.

Various items of work were performed throughout the complex. Work items included a new delivery storage dock, new insulated drop ceilings, wall modification and roll up door installation, masonry wall restoration and roof system replacements. All work was scheduled, performed and completed with no disruption to the owners operations. As is typical in buildings that are over 100 years old, challenges were faced when unknown conditions were exposed. These challenges were addressed and repaired in a cost effective, efficient manner. As was the goal of the owner, the project was completed before the winter months set in.

New Steel Delivery Dock Framing New Insulated Drop Ceiling
New Masonry Repairs Exterior Façade Restoration
1. Structural Concrete Deck Removal and Replacement 2. New Finished Concrete Deck
3. Wood Joist and Decking Replacement 4. New Roofing Membrane Throughout