Ford Motor Company
Livonia Transmission Plant
Livonia, MI

Ghafari Associates
Dearborn, MI

Structural Steel Upgrades
Bid Package No. 0501 6R3 Program - Structural Package

72 Tons of Structural Steel

Work Scope:
New Roof Mounted Grillage

Building Use:
Automotive Plant

Ford Motor Company -Transmission Plant

Transmission Plant, Structural Steel Upgrades, Livonia, Michigan


RB Construction Company provided construction services for the installation of structural steel upgrades to support new cooling tower units at Ford Motor Company’s Livonia Transmission Plant.

The project team coordinated all field engineering, shop drawings, fabrication, delivery, and erection of the new steel grillage on the plant’s existing roof. Prior to the installation of the new galvanized grillage components, portions of the roofing and metal deck were removed to expose proposed connection points. Lead paint abatement of the connection points was completed prior to the installation of the new steel. Also, various cross beams, cross bridging and struts were relocated to provide routes for cooling tower piping. Existing steel guardrail, kick plate and grated decking was reworked as part of the installation of new grillage members. Site logistical challenges were addressed by a combination of conventional crane and helicopter lifts to aid in the placement of the new steel grillage. Roofing repairs at connection points were performed to ensure a watertight condition at all roof penetrations.