Milner Hotels, Inc.
1526 Centre
Detroit, MI

1,800 SF - Lobby Renovation

Building Use:
Commercial Hotel

Main Lobby, Historic Renovation, Detroit, Michigan

RB Construction Company was chosen to renovate the historic Milner Hotel’s main lobby and bring it back to its original grandeur. Built in the 1920’s, the hotel’s lobby had seen it’s share of water damage, lack of maintenance, along with a “renovation” cladding project performed in the 1970’s to essentially hide the defective conditions. The project team was given the task to remove and peel away the paneling and drop ceilings, exposing the deteriorated conditions and restoring the original architecture.

This design/build project was especially challenging, as many elements of the original construction had been covered for years. Original stained glass windows were found entombed within the walls. These windows were renovated and re-set back in their original frames, just as they were back in the early part of the 21st century. Upper windows along the main entrance elevation were also exposed and modified to allow for natural light into the lobby area as was originally designed. A second floor balcony overlooking the main lobby was repaired and french doors were added. A new custom vestibule entrance way and reception desk were also installed. The hidden original mosaic ceramic lobby floor was restored along with plaster ceilings and walls.

The project was completed within 90 days and today the Milner Hotel remains one of the most active historic hotels in downtown Detroit.