Safety at Construction Project

The RB Construction Company Safety Program is dedicated to an injury free workplace. Safety does not “happen”, it requires a dedicated, proactive approach to ensure that the job site environment is free of potential hazards.

We have an extensive, detailed, Safety Manual that enforces a drug free work environment and demands a working knowledge of the hazards that may be faced within the workplace. A copy of our manual is available upon request to all of our project stakeholders and related governing agencies. We continually audit our program and add new practices in response to new technology and/or modified methods and procedures. We also develop a “site specific” safety plan to meet any unique requirements or potential project concerns.

RB Construction Company stresses communication both prior to and during the project. Safety is a part of each trades pre-construction/pre-task meeting, working in concert with the weekly jobsite toolbox safety meetings between RB’s safety officer and the on-site trades. These meetings ensure that potential hazards are identified and addressed prior to the start of each day’s work. Our clients and all other project stakeholders receive clear and concise safety communications throughout all levels of the project. Also, all local, state, federal and client safety program requirements are addressed to ensure a safe and compliant workplace.

On our sites there is a zero tolerance for unsafe work activities. We work diligently in a collaborative process to maintain a safe work environment for everyone.

Our motto is: SAFE IS GREAT!