U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Rock Island District, IL

Complete renovation of the exterior and interior of the OMS Building, replacement of site parking lots, sidewalks and correction of defective drainage.

A training facility for personnel, including civilians and Soldiers split between Army Reserve "troop program units" (TPU) Soldiers who typically train on a part time basis and Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) Soldiers who provide management and staffing on a day-to-day basis.

Project Location:
Canton, Illinois

88th RSC Sergeant Bruce G. Howerter Reserve Center Repair Vehicle Exhaust System OMS Building, POV/MEP Lots and Area Drainage, Rock Island District, Canton, Illinois

The work on this contract included renovation of the exterior and interior of the OMS Building including asbestos, lead, and PCB/Mercury abatements. Interior and exterior demolition; hydraulic lift removal; soil boring and testing; masonry restoration; installation of protective steel bollards; replacement of exterior and interior doors, frames and hardware were scope requirements. Installation of new interior and exterior finishes including new interior walls, flooring, ceilings and painting; New equipment was installed along with furnishings to include fire extinguishers; signage, toilet partitions and shower compartments. New plumbing systems, air supply, ventilation, vehicle exhaust systems, DDC controls; piping, duct work, ventilating system; heaters, boilers, air-handling, heating and cooling units; electrical, lighting, exit signs; fire detection and alarm system were also part of the contract. The work included the design and installation of new storage areas including wire-mesh caging and a steel mezzanine system. Removal and replacement of asphalt cement concrete at the grounds, including parking lots and sidewalks. Site drainage deficiencies were corrected with grading efforts, sub-drainage pipe clean-outs and site restoration.


  • Contract was performed concurrently with all interior and exterior work at the same facility that was occupied during construction.
  • RB coordinated schedule and our work efforts with tenants and owners to minimize disruption to the facility mission during the project.
  • Due to the occupied facility during construction, an accelerated construction schedule was a requirement that was satisfied.